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Sunset Tuscany 2, Italy JV

Hi, I'm Jennifer!

I’m an award-winning Fine Art photographer and digital artist. I love to travel and creating remarkable images of the world I’m exploring. I’m selling my artwork as museum-quality Fine Art prints and NFTs in limited editions. If you like my images, I’d be happy if you connect with me!

Jennifer Vahlbruch

Jennifer Vahlbruch

Fine Art Photographer & Traveler

Echoes of the Sun

The artworks of series “Echoes of the Sun” were created with the direct impact of my soul and my current emotions. 

Explore multiple 4-dimensional realities in single images.

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We . Same but different

My series “We . same but different” is about us humans and our society.
Who are we? How are we seen? What makes us who we are?

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Context Covid-19

Existing artworks reinterpreted in the context of our modern times

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Iron Flat Building - Jennifer Vahlbruch

The best of my work

In my portfolio you’ll always find the latest collection of my best images.
I’m adding new images whenever I think an image is worth to be presented here, so come back and check it out.


Open - Jennifer Vahlbruch
Breithorn - Mountain Gallery
Tree - Forest, Trees Gallery

Enjoy selected pictures in different topics

Jennifer Vahlbruch - Fine Art Photographer
If your soul is touched, if you’re remembering or longing for something, if you’re laughing or crying, if there is emotion, then I did my job right and created the right picture for you.
Jennifer Vahlbruch

Photographer & Traveler

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