Reinterpretation of existing artwork in the context of modern times.

Art is imperishable

All of the following pictures were taken long before the Corona virus hit our world. At that time, every picture had a special meaning to me in relation to circumstances in my life. This hasn’t changed and all of these pictures with their meaning help me to bring back valuable memories of good times.

None of the pictures had or has a bad meaning to me or should be considered negative.

Art reused – an experiment

Join me in my experiment of reinterpretation my work in the days we’re living in. Learn how art can be reused over and over, given new meaning and adjusted to the present.

Next to each of the following pictures I added a few words to give you an idea about how that picture can be used to explain our world today and represent what happens to us during the times of COVID-19.


Alert JV


Kempten, Germany

hot spot, alert

Silent Observer - Jennifer Vahlbruch

Silent Observer

Silver Strand State Beach, California, USA

watch out, observe

Time Lapse JV

Time is money

Kempten, Germany

time is running out

Danger Sign JV


Key Biscayne, Florida, USA

be careful outside, cracks in our society

Round The Corner - Jennifer Vahlbruch

Round the Corner

Kempten, Germany

will hotels survive?
A German expression “to take somebody around the corner” means “to off somebody”

White Door JV

White Door

Miami, Florida, USA

closed shops, shutdown, stay inside

Silent Conversation

Houston, Texas, USA

silence, social distancing, nobody goes out, not seeing others

Silent Conversation - Jennifer Vahlbruch
Relaxing Beach Frogs - Jennifer Vahlbruch

Relaxing Beach Frogs

Silver Strand State Beach, California, USA

closed beaches, lockdown, no tourism

Streetlight Online JV

Streetlight Online

Kempten, Germany

everybody is online

Streetlight 20 - Hollywood, Florida

Streelight 20

Hollywood, Florida, USA

there is a light up in the sky, hope, a solution

Open - Jennifer Vahlbruch


Houston, Texas, USA

open up again, awakening, start into a new world, explore a new way of life

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