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Echoes of the Sun

The artworks in my series “Echoes of the Sun” let you experience all four dimensions.
My emotions directly controlled the creational process. 

Adding more personality

In this project, I aim to take a step further and create a new perception of the environment that is directly shaped by my personal experience. Particularly in relation to AI-generated art, I ask myself how I can imbue my works with an even stronger sense of my personality, adding a very personal touch to give the viewer more than just a picture of me.

One technique that allows me to influence the process of image creation on a deeply personal level is Intentional Camera Movement, where I move the camera during the exposure. A sunrise on the coast is already a wonderful interplay of light, colors, shapes, and structures. A single photograph captures a moment in the flow of time, fixing the state of the clouds, the water, and the light with all its colors. Humans experience many of these moments strung together one after another, and the latest moment is always their present. It is nearly impossible to recall a previous moment from memory, as the complex changes in the surroundings happen too quickly.

Echoes of the Sun - Smiling Sun - Jennifer Vahlbruch

Smiling Sun

Texas, USA

Echoes of the Sun - Flow - Jennifer Vahlbruch


Texas, USA

Echoes of the Sun - Reflected Sun - Jennifer Vahlbruch

Reflected Sun

Texas, USA

My soul creates the pictures

Experiencing the serenity of a deserted beach moments before the sunrise evokes a multitude of sensory impressions. The clouds, gentle or menacing, the waves, soothing or thunderous, the air, clear and cold or damp and warm, the scent, ever-changing with the direction of the wind caressing my face, the light and colours, pale or vibrant, spanning the entire spectrum. Various emotions stir within me: calmness, strength, humility, enthusiasm, a sense of new beginnings, power, and hope – rarely a negative feeling.

Observing and immersing myself in these moments within the natural flow of time and motion triggers a unique sensory image within me, influencing my creative process on a subconscious level, guiding my movements while capturing the scene.

Each image is distinct, devoid of any plan or predetermined concept. The current state of my emotions in that specific place and moment has an immediate but uncontrollable impact on the image that takes form. I cannot envision a more personal aspect of photography.

Preserving realities

Through the movement of my camera, I capture the fourth dimension, time, within my images. By encapsulating all four dimensions in a two-dimensional picture, I enable viewers to experience individual moments simultaneously.

Depending on how I manipulate the camera, such as changing directions or incorporating horizontal elements, I create images that would otherwise remain unseen in the normal flow of time. Genuine moments, which are possible for an observer but unattainable in reality, become fused together in an alternative sequence of movement.

This process not only creates and preserves a new potential reality in the stream of time but also unveils fresh forms, colours, and structures.

Echoes of the Sun - Fade - Jennifer Vahlbruch


Texas, USA

Preserving EMotional Time

Echoes of the Sun - Power Game - Jennifer Vahlbruch

Power Game

Texas, USA

Transform reality

The created images possess a mystical quality, evoking a sense of mystery and inspiring dreams. The inherent personal aspect often unveils new possibilities for interpretation, allowing viewers to engage with the artwork. What was the origin, what was the reality? What has it become?

A sunrise by the sea can be translated into a play of the four elements. The rising sun transforms into a horizontal ray of fire, offering a fresh perspective on the fusion of earth/beach, air/clouds, water/sea, and fire/sun. This artwork captures the interplay within three-dimensional space and the movement over a period of time.

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