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Echoes of the Sun - Smiling Sun - Jennifer Vahlbruch

Smiling Sun

A warm summer morning at the beach, the sun rising in the cloudless sky and calming the golden-drenched sea. I feel joy, happiness, and confidence within me. The sun smiles at me, and I smile back. Share a smile and you will feel happiness within you.

Echoes of the Sun - Fade - Jennifer Vahlbruch


The almost oppressive mood captured me on this cooler morning. The passing clouds exhibit movement that I wanted to emphasize. The narrow strip of sunshine reminds me of the fleeting beautiful moments that arise and yet disappear so quickly. Time slips away, becoming more precious when we consciously experience it. Beautiful moments are a fleeting gift.
Echoes of the Sun - Reflected Sun - Jennifer Vahlbruch

Reflected Sun

The day is over, the sun bids farewell. I feel an inner calmness within me, a well-deserved tranquility after a day full of activity. The farewell is friendly, I am relaxed and look forward to the next day with confidence. The moon has always attracted and fascinated me. He too gives me a timid smile, awakening in me the hope for a new tomorrow. He must know, being a mirror of sunlight.

Echoes of the Sun - Power Game - Jennifer Vahlbruch

Power Game

This morning unfolded with a powerful restlessness. Light and colors intertwined and alternated, blurring the clear separation of their components. I sensed the strength and energy emanating from this scene, yet it did not feel threatening. The sunlight transformed into a spreading fire, blending with the other elements of air, water, and earth. The four elements reveal themselves in their power game, an ageless struggle for dominance in space.

Echoes of the Sun - Flow - Jennifer Vahlbruch


Everything flows – the clouds, the light, the sea, and even the beach. Everything is in gentle motion, intertwined and connected. I am in my flow, feeling movement within me. Through the newly formed structures, movement is portrayed in a new way – not completely frozen, but also not in full motion. The image appears simultaneously static and in motion. I too strive to remain in my flow.

Echoes of the Sun

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