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Escape Reality

Are dream worlds the new reality?

Is reality beautiful enough?

Many photographers are creating incredible images of our beautiful world every day. It has never been easier to edit digital photos than today. Modern technologies like AI give us even more possibilities for our editing and open new worlds of creativity for us.

We can change reality to what we want it to look like.

There is a trend with Social Media that leads to an overall optimization need. To stand out everything must be fancier, more exceptional, and more beautiful than the rest.

Escape Reality Part1A - Jennifer Vahlbruch

Set 1A - The Reality

California, USA

An empty beach in California is still showing the signs of the day’s activity. A colorful sunset fits into the calmness of a day’s end and shows the beauty of our world in its imperfection.

Does this relate to art as well?

The lines between photography and digital art are blurred. Is what we are looking at an edited photo or a digital composition? Does the image show a beautified reality (but still a reality), or is it a fantasy image of what reality could or should look like?

Set 1B - The Transition

California, USA

Let us dream away from natural beauty and slowly adjust our world to more perfection. Remove the traces of life, make our world more colorful, and slow down the flow of time little by little. We are entering our dream world.

Are there possible problems for us?

Is reality is no longer beautiful enough to be recognized? Must the world be improved and made more spectacular and perfect in our images to be considered noteworthy?

Could it become a problem when we adjust ourselves to that new level and take it for the new normal? Are we developing an image of our world that doesn’t exist in reality?

Or do we have to improve our world in our images because we have to escape reality to see any beauty in our world? If so, we probably won’t find beauty in our world anymore.

Will our art be a fantasy world of dreams?

And what are our opportunities?

Will it make it easier for us to be bolder and more creative in creating our art? Will we establish new styles and forms of art?

Can we better point to current problems in our world by applying this new style of art because of the new amount of attention it provides?

Do we need to escape reality with our art to treat our souls?

Or is it just fun to create beautiful images to enjoy and share with others?

Set 1C- The Dream

California, USA

Can this scene be more beautiful? We love intense colors and imagine being at a perfect place. Day mixes with night, sun with stars – in our dreamworld everything can be. Finally, we escaped reality.

Escape Reality Part 1C - Jennifer Vahlbruch

Follow me on my series from reality to fantasy and back.

I hope my series inspires you to find your answers to these open questions.

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