Panorama 2014 - Berge

Mountain photography (Germany and Austria) by Jennifer Vahlbruch

Kunsthalle, Kempten, Germany

Exhibition Summary


  • 28 pieces on Aluminum or Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper
  • Smallest piece: 30 x 30 cm (12 x 12 inches)
  • Largest piece: 400 x 50 cm (148 x 20 inches)


  • 14 days all-day-open exhibition
  • Artist present all days
  • 800+ visitors
“Preferably very wide” – Photo artist Jennifer Vahlbruch takes photographs of mountains in panoramic format. This is hard work.
(1/2 page article in local newspaper, Culture)
Ralf Lienert

Allgaeuer Zeitung

“Large scale mountain panorama” – Jennifer Vahlbruch shows her panoramic photographs in Kunsthalle.
(1/4 page article in local newspaper, Culture)


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