Experimental Project "Context COVID-19"

Relaxing Beach Frogs - Jennifer Vahlbruch

Looking at some of my existing pictures made me think of an interesting challenge:

Can artwork be reused?

By the time a picture was taken it had a meaning related to my life or circumstances of a situation I was in. Of course that doesn’t change and all my pictures will always be memories and make me enjoy thinking back to important steps in my life.

But what when time changes?

Currently, our world is hit by the Corona virus crisis. Some of my pictures could have been taken in our modern times having a meaning related to that background.

Is it possible to reuse artwork by giving them a new meaning? For me, that could be a second, alternative meaning. For others, that might be the first and only meaning.

A selection of existing artwork which could work today

Find out more about the results of my project and see how universally usable art can be.

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