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WE . same but different

My series “We . same but different” is about us humans and our society.
Who are we? How are we seen? What makes us who we are?

Abstraction of Humanity

The hydrants are exemplary abstractions of individuality and diversity for us humans. We are all individuals, different, yet connected and equal through commonalities or the essence of our existence.

Exemplarily, the hydrants focus on commonality by reducing them to their shape, while also reflecting an image of humans in urban space and nature.

WE . same but different - In Between - Jennifer Vahlbruch

In Between

Florida, USA

WE . same but different - Burnout - Jennifer Vahlbruch


Texas, USA

WE . same but different - Little Alien - Jennifer Vahlbruch


Texas, USA

Equal Individuality

There are many hydrants, and there are many humans, too.

Each hydrant is different and, in its own way, special and unique. As is the case with people. Each of us tries to find ourselves, stand out from the crowd, find our individuality.

We have our strengths and weaknesses; everyone has their own character and tries to find their place in society. That’s often not easy, either because we are unable to do so due to external influences, or because we’re not accepted in society as we are.

In life, we have to deal with many situations, even those we often cannot influence.

Unnoticed Presence

Hydrants are always there and visible, yet they’re not noticeable.

Since they’re part of everyday life, they are often simply ignored. It’s the same with us, with the people. Many are there, but they’re not conspicuous and not visible to those around them. Only when people make themselves heard, when something happens or when they spring into action, are they noticed, adored and valued.

It’s the same with fire hydrates – you only need it when something happens and then it’s going to be noticed and valued.

WE . same but different - Hydrant B - Jennifer Vahlbruch

Hydrant B

Texas, USA

We are many | We are there | We are connected

WE . same but different - Doorkeeper - Jennifer Vahlbruch


Texas, USA

Community Visibility

The hydrants serve as a metaphor for us humans: you have to be in the right place at the right time to be in focus or to be put in focus by others. Sometimes there are events or opportunities where you can put yourself in the spotlight and draw attention to yourself. Or you are simply there, helping where you are needed and therefore being the hero for others. So you suddenly become visible and no longer feel like you are on the sidelines anymore.

You feel like you have arrived in the community again, which stands up for each other and helps each other. Humans are different by nature:
Some seek seclusion and want to be by themselves, and others need people around them and are looking for busy places. Everyone has to find what is right for them. But no matter what you choose, we all need community since we are all connected, just like the fire hydrants and in the end,

we are all the sameHumans.

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