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Commercial Image Portraits and Food Photography

As the lead photographer of Vahlbruch Media, LLC, d.b.a. Jennifer Vahlbruch Photography, I can help you to find the right visual language for your business. It’s not only a photo shooting, it’s a workshop to identify your message and the language your customers speak.

Every image is made towards these specific needs and tells more about your values in a second than words ever could.

Corporate Image

A Corporate Image shooting will get you high-quality images for print and online usage, each of them showing your business, store, products and identity in the best light to bring your message and your business values right to your customers.

Showcase of Corporate Image clients

Die Dr. Reisach Kliniken – die psychosomatischen Kliniken Adula Klinik, Oberstdorf und Hochgrat Klinik, Stiefenhofen – arbeiten seit mehreren Jahren immer wieder gern mit Frau Vahlbruch zusammen.  Ihr ausgeprägter Blick fürs Ganze und Ihre Fähigkeit, Landschaften und Gegenstände einzufangen und fotografisch darzustellen, haben unserer Website und den Klinikbroschüren eine besondere und professionelle Note verliehen und optisch sehr aufgewertet

Ruth Schneider

Marketing, Dr. Reisach Kliniken GmbH & Co. KG

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Food Photography

There are no fakes in my food photography – it’s important to me to be honest to everybody who’s looking at my images. Everything you see on the photos is real and can be eaten right away.

It’s the best for your business when your customers are not surprised when they get what they ordered.

Showcase of Food Photography clients

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